Training "e-Commerce Implementation at the Faculty of Agriculture, Yudharta University"

This article tells about our participation in the e-Commerce implementation program held by the Food Science and Technology Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Yudharta University, Pasuruan.
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Hi Digital Buddy!

This article is different, we will not share information that is too technical as usual, but just want to share a story about an activity that we also happened to be involved in, namely " E-Commerce System Implementation Training for Improving Local Food Entrepreneurship " which took place in Faculty of Agriculture, University of Yudharta Pasuruan.

On September 29, 2021, we were asked to share some of our knowledge with Faculty of Agriculture students related to e-commerce in general and examples of its implementation. But we will also tell a little about the background from our side so that we are finally involved in this activity.

e-Commerce Implementation Training Banner
Training Banners


One month before this training event took place, we were asked to provide views as an MSME actor who has implemented e-Commerce at a webinar held by the Food Science and Technology Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Yudharta University.

Training banner "e-Commerce Implementation at the Faculty of Agriculture, Yudharta University"

The event is actually a series of events in their program that has different themes and many speakers and is held for several days, and we are one of the participants to be able to share with students, other presenters and university lecturers.

Maybe this activity is included in the Merdeka Campus program. Sorry, we don't really understand. If you understand it, you can help explain in the comments column at the bottom of this article, friend...

Starting from the communication that was established, it turned out that they had a plan to create an e-commerce website, which incidentally is also one of the fields that we are involved in, supporting digital marketing, especially website creation and finally it was left to us to do it.

We immediately set up a small team to work on it. We consist of a web developer and a graphic designer, also assisted by 2 students as our bridge to communicate with the campus. And we agreed to create a website with the YudhartaFood brand which you can now access at

Logo YudhartaFood Visual Guide
Logo YudhartaFood Visual Guide
Tentang Logo YudhartaFood
About YudhartaFood Logo

After the website template is finished and ready to be used, even though there is still a lot of dummy (not original) content, we are asked to provide face-to-face explanations to students to provide training on how to use it and at the same time use it as a sharing forum about e-commerce in general.

Homepage-YudhartaFood (Desktop)
Homepage YudhartaFood (Tampilan Mobile)
Homepage YudhartaFood (Mobile look)

Training Activities

We divided 2 major parts of the material in the event, namely:

  1. e-Commerce in general has become a hot enough discussion to share experiences, for example when we explained about User Experience (UX) , there were experiences of students being deceived when buying products in one of the big marketplaces in Indonesia.
  2. Regarding the YudhartaFood website , this practice provides direct experience to students, both as consumers and as shop managers . We consider this session to be interesting for those present. Including discussing the shortcomings that exist when they use the website as input for improvement.
Certificate as an e-Commerce implementation speaker
Mahasiswa sedang mengedit konten YudhartaFood
Students are editing YudhartaFood's content

Because this training is relatively short in time, after this activity is finished, we form a small group (WhatsApp Group) with several students who we will accompany as initial managers of this website and also a place for discussion and learning about digital marketing strategies, especially for YudhartaFood.


Digitalization is a necessity that we must face if we want to adapt and continue to exist and excel in the present and future competition.

We are personally very happy and proud if the campus can support especially for students so that they can be more adaptive in facing the developments of this era. An era where changes are increasingly unpredictable, fast and complex which is now often called the VUCA Era, namely Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity.

We hope that the Yudharta Food website will not only be part of a temporary program, but will continue to be sustainable and can be implemented and utilized for real, especially for students, campus parties, and the wider community.

Zulfikar Wijaya -

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