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Complete Package + 1 Year Free Maintenance!*
Whatever your field, we are ready to help build the website. Just give us your content, we'll handle the rest!
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We are freelancers who focus on the design and development of websites, especially those based on the CMS WordPress with the Oxygen Builder.
The website that we do for the needs of Company Profiles, Online Stores, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, Event Organizers, Communities, Forums etc.
We help Your digital presence with create website as one of the supports to achieve your success!

Our Portfolio

Some of our other website creation portfolios.

Standard Quality

In website creation process, we apply several standard quality to ensure the final product not only has an attractive interface, but also provides a pleasant surfing experience & functional for your website users.

Up to date Design

Does your website design currently look less suitable to be displayed to visitors? Increase consumer and visitor confidence in your website by improving the design with the latest trends.


Does your website feel slow and heavy when opening? A slow website will decrease user convenience, lower search engine ranking, and decrease conversion success! We will audit and maximize the speed of your website.


The website that we create will undergo a total checking process as a whole. If there are functions that don't work normally, for example, unsent email, menu links that don't work, etc., we will fix them completely.

Content Management

With the highly intuitive and flexible WordPress content management system, it is easy for you to manage and update your website in the long run

Responsive Design

Whatever device you use, whether it's a desktop PC, tablet, pad, or very important, especially a smartphone, your website design will automatically respond to the screen size of the device.

Oxygen Builder

Since June 2020, we have used the Oxygen Builder tool to visualize designs in the form of a WordPress website. With Oxygen Builder, your website will load faster and have a higher score speed due to efficient and streamlined code, also flexible in design, and you don't need to think about updating themes anymore.
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With CMS WordPress and Oxygen Builder, make design visualization more flexible and maximize your website performance!
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Read our article about an introduction to Oxygen Builder

Website Design & DevelopmentPackage

Website design & development services for Company Profiles, Government Institutions, Organization Profiles, Event Organizers, Online Stores, Personal Blogs or other fields. All of our website creation packages include 1 year maintenance!

With an intuitive and flexible WordPress Content Management System for the operation of your website, Digitalizer helps prepare it easily for you, just prepare the content, we will do the rest!
General/Profile Website
Complete package for creating a company profile website for a company, agency, organization, community etc.

Included in this package include:
● 1 year domain 
● 1 year web hosting
● Custom Web Design & Templates
● Whatsapp / Live Chat Button
● SEO On Page
● Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel
● Security Strengthening
● 1 year maintenance
● Speed ​​Optimization
Online store
This package is a complete package in making a website for an online shop ready to operate.

Included in this package include:
● Everything in the profile / general website creation package
● e-Commerce System
● Input max 200 products
● National Expeditionary Cost
1 year Automatic Payment Verification
● Newsletter Module (1000 subscribers)
Course Institution
This package is a complete package in creating websites for course institutions that can hold courses online.

Included in this package include:
● Everything in the profile / general website creation package
● Learning Management System
● Online
courses ● Free or paid courses
● Quiz & Report System
● e-Certificates
● Assignments / Online Assignments
1 year Zoom Pro Integration
● 1 year Automatic Payment Verification
Event Organizer
Complete package in making websites for Event Organizer companies, both for offline events and online events.

Included in this package include:
● Everything in the profile / general website creation package
● Event Schedule
● Sales of event tickets with barcodes
● Event Registration & Booking
● 1 year Automatic Payment Verification
Community & Forums
This package is a complete package for creating website forums for communities to make it easier and more effective to interact according to their specific interests.

Included in this package include:
● Everything in the website profile / general package
● Online Forum
● Newsletter Module (1000 subscribers )

Custom Website
This package is a complete package in creating a website for your custom needs when some of the other types of website choices do not yet cover your needs.

Included in this package include:
● Everything in the profile / general website creation package
● Other features that support your specific needs

Additional WebsiteServices

Do you already have a WordPress website but want to perform maintenance, speed optimization, repairs, function upgrades, custom page design and other needs?

Digitalizer is ready to help your needs, leave it to us so you can continue to focus on your main business.
1 Years Maintenance
WordPress is a CMS that has many active contributors, so there are often updates / changes from existing plugins and themes.

One of the causes of security vulnerabilities of a website being hacked by hackers, malfunctioning features and low performance of a WordPress-based website are plugins and themes used your website is not updated.

We provide maintenance services for a year to ensure your website remains healthy and safe.
WordPress installation
You want to create a WordPress website but don't know how to install it?

We are ready to help you with the basic setup and then you can start creating articles and other content.

We will install the latest version of WordPress either through your hosting panel, such as cPanel & Direct Admin, or from your server (VPS / VDS).

Included in this service, if needed, we will explain in simple terms how to fill in the content of WordPress posts and pages and adding your Logo
Convert to WP/Oxygen
Do you already have a website with another format or a graphic website design and want to convert it to WordPress?

We will help convert it into a website based on the CMS WordPress that comes from:
● Elementor to Oxygen Builder
● HTML to WordPress
● Adobe Photoshop to WordPress
● Adobe XD to WordPress
● PDF to WordPress

Notes: This price is the price for the Homepage, for other pages depending on designs but generally cheaper.
Speed ​​Optimization
The faster your website = high user experience satisfaction = consumer likes = search engine likes = high conversion success rate.

Digitalizer optimizes existing websites to be faster with or without upgrading the hosting infrastructure you use
SEO on Page
Increasingly tighter competition requires optimizations for your website in order to win the competition against your competitors.

Digitalizer helps On Page search engine optimization (SEO) according to the recommended rules so that your website is preferred so that your website's conversion success also increases
GA / FB PIXEL setup
If you want to analyze and strengthen your marketing strategy more effectively, then you need data on the behavior of consumers who interact with your website.

Digitlizer helps set up your WordPress website integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel so that it can reduce costs while increasing the effectiveness of success


The latest premium technology that we use to support our services, especially those related to Web Hosting, Web Development, and Web Maintenance.

The focus of the technology we use is to condition a Webhosting environment that is fast, stable, flexible, and able to minimize potential problems around website management.
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Teknologi Pendukung Webhosting
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Some clients who have entrusted the creation & maintenance of their website to us from various regions and even countries, as well as from various groups and different fields.

We really enjoy the process of creating client websites. Always try our best to adapt to the needs and characteristics of the client's field, so that every website we work on has a unique design that is different from one another.
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Digitalizer offers website design & development services for company profiles, online shops, event organizers, educational institutions or other fields. You don't need to think about domains, web hosting / servers, DNS, email, design, development, security and other technical issues. Just prepare your website content, we do the rest.
All website design & development packages include 1 year maintenance!
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