ArtSonica Club

We re-Design Website & Forum Artsonica Club, an Indonesian Music Producer and Music Community with Oxygen Builder & Discourse


ArtSonica is a company engaged in music production. Among its activities, it also includes fostering a community of musicians and people engaged in the music industry in a discussion forum.

To accommodate these activities, the company created a digital platform:

1. Artsonica Club Website based on CMS WordPress
2. Artsonica Club Forum Discussion based on Discourse

The ArtSonica Club project is not a new project or starting from scratch, because the owner, Mas Agus Hardiman, has owned and used the platform in recent years.

We've just redesigned and improved some of the functionality of the WordPress and Discourse platforms to make it look and work the way the owner wants it.

We are sure that this music production forum from ArtSonica can contribute to the coloring of the music industry in Indonesia, and is very beneficial for people engaged in music, both as professionals and hobbyists.


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